I have a few but practical rules in taking down a Gpp. These Rules I follow like the old testament when constructing my lineups. I’ve takin in now 7 large paydays by following this exact process.

Take the emotion out of your picks. (don’t be a homer) That is what the pro’s call dead money and feast on you every single week.


Typically you want to stack almost every line up, what is a stack for the edge? It’s simple. 1 QB with two teammates, I have a rule about this rule. I will never stack a qb and a running back from the same team. Why because there is no correlation. Literally every time the qb snaps the ball and hands it off, only the running back the rb gets points not the qb, the average running backs gets 15-20 carries a game. That 15-20
times in a game where only one player in your stack is accruing fantasy points.

Understand ownership- know that you have to find leverage over the field. Think about how you have to be
different then 100,000 other entries. This doesn’t mean you have to get wild and play a lot of longshots. That is not the case at all. But you don’t want no more than 2 chalk plays per

Your flex should always be rostered as an RB. So, makesure you save some salary cap for a third RB. They potentially accrue more opportunies and more points than a WR or TE.

Don’t punt your defense position just to save money. That spot is there for a reason and is just as important as any other spot. You do however want to pick a defense that is less then 10% owned. It will help you differ from others.

Game Selection is key. What we do is really no secret, we study the highest point total games that come from Las Vegas. They are almost always correct in their scoring projection and we focus on those high scoring games.

Don’t read too much data or articles. Everyone has an opinion or an expert, trust yourself and your instincts and trust the process. Optimizers and data and AI machinery is really hard for us to believe in. Can they work? Yes, do they work maybe, but we have won hundreds of thousands of dollars over a 4-year span without them. We put thought, effort and research into every team we create.

Follow the Rules and you will see your ROI move forward in this educated gambling game called DFS!

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