I have been an avid player of DFS for almost 4 years. Learning as I go like most players. I have either won or taken home$10K plus prizes 7 times in large GPP pools. I also won a ton with smaller amounts. I have niche for this educated gambling. Totaling over $500k in profit over the last few years. Recently winning a $300K first place prize in a $333 entry on DraftKings. I don’t use optimizers, I do my research and have listened to a few experts like Adam Levitan, Alex Baker as well as RotoQL, and a few others. I’ve belonged to all their websites at one time or another to learn. I am not a cash game player, I specialize in Large GPP with huge prize pools and as well as larger entry tournaments. I only play Baseball and Football for DFS.


I was a 2 -sport athlete in high school and college and have been around Major leaguers, and top talent, so I know what talent looks like. I see the game differently than a computer or an optimizer. I don’t max out entry’s for tournaments. Every team I put together is hand crafted and followed by a process I have developed over the years. If you would like to learn more about my process go to the strategy page for more information.

My very first time I ever played DFS I came in second place on Fanduel for a $2 entry and won $30,000. I knew then that this could be the start of something. With a few years behind me and a lot of winning in this industry, I’ve decided to start my own Web base Subscription service to help people like you take down the nerds in an industry that is dominated by optimizers, big bank roll players and crazy odds.

If I can do it consistently then anyone can do it!

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